Cafe Racer Seat Type 10. Fiberglass Cafe Racer Seat made in Holland. These seats are made extra sturdy for Cafe Racer use (35% extra fiberglass). This way you can reshape them a bit without making them bendy.

 The color is just a coating, and we can supply them in black, white, blue and red as well. We give it the color we like to give that moment. :)

Totale length: 650 mm
Width (tank side): 195 mm (inner diameter)
Width (start bump): 270 mm (inner diameter)
Width at the first bend (where it gets smaller) : 260mm (inner diameter)
Height bump : 140 mm
Length bump : 310 mm
The seat lifts approx 40mm at the rear (at max)

All Cafe Racer Seat we offer are universal, so please measure you sub-frame correctly or send us an email if you have any questions about the sizes and/or seats.