1 "Whiskey Throttle Dual BLACK for a 25.4mm handlebar, or 1 inch handlebar, is incredibly tough and is sublime finished as you can expect from Biltwell.

Construction: CNC-machined 6061 T-6 aluminum clamshell and throttle tube; chromed steel cable ferrules; plated Allen cap clamshell mounting hardware.

Mounting: Available in two styles: single cable for custom applications; double cable for retrofitment in stock Harley-Davidson speed control cables for pushing / pulling. Cable sleeves supplied with both styles are designed to fit on HD-fitted cable and clip-in cables. Whiskey handle tube is milled to accept rubber engine handles (such as our Kung Fu handles.) Select aftermarket molded gas handles with integrated cable channel may fit into our clamshell assembly, but we do not recommend making this change unless you are a knowledgeable person are a fitter or a trained professional - there are too many variables that can not be tested for safety and performance.

Details: Click on Tips & Tricks for complete assembly instructions. If you are not a qualified technician, we do not recommend purchasing this product. Engine magnets are precision assemblies that require experience and talent to be assembled and adjusted in the right way.