Raw Solo Bobber Seat. Straight out of USA! These high quality Biltwell seats are a must-have for your Bobber, Harley Davidson or other Custom project. Choose you own design and make it happen!


Length: 15" = ca. 376mm
Width: 11.5" = ca. 292mm
Width between mounting bolts: 7" = 178mm

Construction: Heavy gauge stamped steel pan with gently sloping rear kick for added support. Stamped-in ridges on the pan increase stiffness and give the pan a clean, classic look. Matte black electroplated finish. Foam is molded polyurethane, approximately 1” thick.

Installation details: Get this unit to your favorite leather craftsman or upholstery shop to finish it off. Four carriage bolts are welded onto the bottom of the pan to facilitate spring and seat hinge mounting. Your frame may require modifications to nose hinge and spring bungs for proper fitment. This is not a bolt-on product.