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Solo 2 Tuck 'N Roll Stitch Bobber seat. This seat is universal and the cream of the crop with regard to Biltwell chairs! 

The base plate is made of heavy steel and is neatly finished with matt black layer coating. Because the base plate is worked with relief, the firmness is very good. The seat has a foam layer of approximately 1 "(2.54mm) thick and is sturdy and comfortable. 


Length: 14 "= approx. 356 mm 
Width: 11.6 "= approx. 295 mm 
Width between bolts: 7.125 "= 181 mm

Design: compared to our original Solo chair, the new Solo II has a shorter total length and another two inches of kick in the tail to deepen the seating area and improve the visual flow on bikes with a steep backbone. Every other technical specification and silhouette of the Solo II is identical to our proven Solo Seat. 

Construction: 1/8-inch thick (3 mm) stamped steel pan with welded lock bolts on the nose and tail for spring and hinge mounting. 2.5 cm thick pre-formed polyurethane foam padding with hand-stitched, sturdy vinyl cover. Four lock bolts are welded to the bottom of the pan to facilitate the attachment of the spring and the seat hinges. Your frame may require adjustments to the nose hinge and spring ends for proper fitting.