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    DAYMAKER HALO 5 3/4" headlight insert

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    HALO DAYMAKER 5 3/4"

    This plug and play headlight insert is super bright and very cool. It features projector LEDs and mounts directly into most 5.75" headlight housings, and is a must if you're riding a lot at night, or down country lanes, or just want to be more visible on today's roads.


    • 12V / 45W
    • DOT approved 
    • Colour: 6000K cool white
    • High beam Lumen rating: 4000LM
    • Low beam lumen rating: 2800LM
    • Waterproof rating: IP65
    • Finish: Cast aluminium housing
    • Plug and play
    • H4 connector plug
    • Function 1: low beam
    • Function 2: high beam
    • Halo daytime running light - park light