HIGHSIDER Alu housing for Stripe

HIGHSIDER Alu housing for Stripe
This black anodized aluminium housing with visor fits HIGHSIDER 'Stripe' series. Usable for LED taillight (Item No. 23-0123, Item No. 23-0026 and Item No. 23-0029).

Accurate matched – our expansive HIGHSIDER equipment is perfectly fitting for your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can design your bike according to your wishes.

Width: 57.5 mm
Height: 11.2 mm
Depth: 26.5 mm

Delivery contents: 1 Pcs.

Mounting note
Housing can be screwed or fixed by using adhesive stripes. Screw holes (2 x M4) at the bottom of the housing. Spacing (middle - middle): approx. 32 mm