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handlebar end mirror CONERO with LED indicator, black anodized

Functionality combined with awesome looks - bar end mirror with integrated LED indicator in the mirror arm. Noble, black anodized aluminum head. Suitable for handlebars with a inner diameter of 12 to 22 mm, that is for most 7/8 and 1 inch aluminum or steel handlebars. Suitable for the left and right side. Mirror and indicator are E-approved.

Purism and minimalism combined with highly processed products characterize our CONERO series. Matching perfect to Naked Bikes, especially Roadsters. This accessories reduce your bike to the minimum. Beat no records – just ride and feel!

Individuality and overview – be it retro style or modern. HIGHSIDER mirror series combine always an individual design with an aerodynamic function. That’s all-round visibility in a perfect way.

Width head A: 102 mm
Height head B: 102 mm
Total width C: 65 mm
Total height D: 190 mm
Diameter head: 102 mm
Mirror arm 12 mm wide
Stem length: 70 mm from the head to kink 1, then 55 mm to kink 2 and 30 mm to the end of stem.
Weight: 290 g

Delivery contents: 1 piece, including mounting set 
This LED bar end mirror is attached with our newly developed HIGHSIDER clamping system.
Advantages: Easier installation and routing of the cables, as well as easier adjustment of the turn signal or the mirror.

It´s necessary to install 2 mirrors, as indicators are integrated.