MOOSE Black & Black LED Stop / Tail Lights + Turn Signal Indicators Brake Leds

These Integrated LED Turn Signals are CNC machined, super bright and are very high quality. They combine all the functions needed for the rear of your motorcycle packed into an all-in-one small & discreet Classic housing. They feature a Super Bright Dual Color 3w Cree LED Chip and a projector lens which magnifies the light. The Dual Colored LED changes color between functions - Amber LED for Turn Signals and 2 stage Red LED for your Stop & Tail Lights.



  • 12 Volt
  • 1 X Super Bright Genuine Dual Colored 3W Cree LED Chip
  • Projector Lens
  • 6061 Machined Billet Aluminium Housing
  • Function 1: Amber Turn Signal
  • Function 2: Red Tail Light
  • Function 3: Red Stop Light
  • Thread Size: M8
  • Anodized Black + Brass Bezel
  • Universal Fitment
  • Package Includes: 2 X Integrated Stop/Tail Light / Turn Signals With Wiring Diagram
  • Diameter 40mm
  • Length 50mm

These also come as front indicators/running lights and are for sale on our online shop as well.

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