The Motogadget Chronoclassic is a multi-purpose, digital instrument in a classic round casing. Technically identical to the Motoscope Classic in all but looks, the design of the black dial and white indicator is reminiscent of old Smiths brand instrument. Another distinct feature is the dark, sultry LC display of the DarkEdition.

It's worth noting, however, that readability does decrease in direct sunlight. If this is a primary concern, or you often drive at a time of day when direct sunlight might be a problem, please consider the standard green display, instead. An instrument that's technically identical is also available with an analogue speedometer. Please refer to the Classic series. Of course if you're in any doubt, simply give us a call.

 Comes with a black LCD screen 

The instrument has a black bezel

This has the analogue Rev tech up to 10000rpm.

The speed is shown on the digital screen.