Polished Aluminium Case Universal 7/8" Switch Blocks

  • Fits 7/8" handlebars
  • Start button,
  • Headlight on/off switch,
  • Turn signal switch,
  • Hazard switch,
  • Horn button,
  • Low/High Beam Switch


  • Polished Aluminium body
  • Plastic switches/buttons
  • Voltage: 12V Fits 7/8" Handlebars
  • Wire Connection: 8 Pins of Left Side, 8 Pins of Right Side
  • Generic Wire Connection: will need to adapt to your motorcycle
  • Cable length: Approx 22" Universal Design

Right hand switch houses any standard size throttle tube and throttle cable, a hole is in the bottom to feed the throttle cable up similar to most standard R/H switch blocks