Purpose Built Moto Dome X 3 in 1 LED Indicator Black

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Dome X LED Turn Brake Tail Light Black

 highly rated LED turn signals have received a huge upgrade. Now running Red and Amber LED lighting operating as a 3 in 1 tail light. As you’ll see below, Purpose Built Moto has taken steps to consistently improve our products. Complementing the skill of the builder, the Dome X 3 in 1 tail light is the obvious choice for any discerning motorcycle enthusiast.
Having undergone a total re-design from the inside out, we managed to improve the functionality adding a brake light while keeping the turn signal housing the same size. The mounting options have been improved with a 3 piece design, allowing the user to disassemble and modify the offset easily.
Minimalistic and Super bright. These LED indicators are designed to be barely noticeable until you switch them on!

  • Billet aluminium with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • M8 size mounting hardware
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  •  High intensity LED Red and Amber
  •  Hard anodised surface
  • 23mm Diameter x 40mm Length
  • Brake/Tail Splitter