Trip Machine



Made for those who can not stay still. The explorer wallet is an everyday essential that's also a great travel partner on the road. 

It's reminiscent of the forgotten art to capture memories on paper. After all, the most memorable adventures are captured in the mind and not on camera. 

Every wallet comes with field notes of choice, that can also be purchased separately once they are finished. 

Big enough to fit in a passport, Small enough to fit in your pocket. 

The wallet is handmade in the traditional way with no compromises from the first cut to the last stitch. It doesn't have any cheap plastics, cloth, rubber, or liners.

Made of the highest quality leather that is built to last a lifetime and gets better with every adventure. 

Comes with a stylish removable leather braid for added protection and style. 


2 Main Compartments for money and bills. This can also accommodate a passport
2 Card Slots for all the cards
Pocket for Guitar Pick
Slot for fix in a field notes or place your passport
Colour: Black