ride with us - Rogue x Running With Thieves Sunset Ride

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ride with us - Rogue x Running With Thieves Sunset Ride

Calling out to all the custom & classic motorcycle owners out there...

We want YOU to ride with US.

As the colder months inevitably creep up upon us, the time is right for a last hurrah, a final run with mates to create some memories that'll help get us through the dark of winter.

So, we've organised a Sunday Sunset Ride with our friends at Running With Thieves in South Fremantle.

We'll meet at Rogue HQ before embarking on a coastal cruise to take in our beautiful WA sunset, and finishing at the RWT brewery for a pop-up motorcycle show, DJ, food and (of course) some tasty RWT brews.

We'll be photographing and filming the proceedings, to create a sweet video we can all revisit years from now and reminisce about the good times.

Registration is open to any and all CUSTOM or CLASSIC motorcycles of any make, but due to space numbers are limited.

To register for the ride, please email info@roguemotorcycles.com.au with your name, number and a pic of your bike.

Ride With Us....

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