It’s important to find the right pair of motorcycle pants for you – comfort & safety are the most important factors, but style is right up there too! Riding jeans are generally the way to go, but there are a multitude of other types of motorbike pants on the market – leather motorcycle pants or motorcycle cargo pants, for example.  

Motorcycle jeans are the most popular, and for good reason. The best kevlar bike jeans will provide you with good slide protection. However, there are several protective single layer motorbike jeans on the market these days, too. Mono layer road bike pants are lighter, and more comfortable in the heat. 

Our changing seasons means you might want to consider both a pair of summer motorcycle pants as well as a pair of winter motorcycle pants.  

We’ve put together a collection of the world’s best men's motorcycle pants (and women's motorcycle pants), bringing motorcycle road pants from incredible brands under the one roof.  

Australia’s Best Motorcycle Pants Brands 

We’ve done the hard work for you, and researched and curated the best motorcycle pants from brands across the globe – John Doe Motorcycle, Akin Moto, Black Arrow just to name a few. We also carry a range of non-riding pants and apparel. We’re super excited to now stock Carhartt workwear, including the famous Carhartt overalls! 

High Quality Riding Pants, Jeans & Leggings 

Motorcycle pants have come a long way over the years... gone are boring, simple design riding jeans – now your motorcycle jeans can protect your skin AND look great at the same time – on AND off the bike! To get the best protection, you want motorcycle pants with armour, ideally that is removable. You want to be able to wear your motorbike jeans comfortably in the pub after that long ride! 

Of course the options for men's motorcycle pants has always been vast, but the options for ladies motorcycle pants is quickly growing, and we stock a large range to choose from. Our women's leather motorcycle pants are popular, as are our range of denim women's motorcycle pants.