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  • Rogue X HandBrake Triumph Thruxton features on Bike EXIF

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    Rogue X HandBrake Triumph Thruxton features on Bike EXIF

    Words/photos | Jeremy Hammer/RIDEJOURNAL

    We've remained pretty tight-lipped about our Triumph Thruxton collaboration build with HandBrake the Artist, but there has been no better way to officially unveil it with a feature on leading custom motorcycle website Bike EXIF. 

    The build was approximately a 10-week process, where the bike needed to be completed for its first public display at HandBrake's Chaos Controlled art exhibition, however it's been keeping low key on social media and our website ever since. 

    Over the Easter long weekend, Billy, Hans and myself got together to talk through the details of the bike and the story behind it all, and once that was completed, we were in the studio capturing images that you can now view via the Bike EXIF article. 

    I won't go into too many details - you can read all about them in the feature - but there are some significant modifications that have been made to this cafe racer and more personal touches than you could ever imagine. 

    Billy and Hans have put their heart and soul into this incredible piece of art, and it's evident throughout the high-quality build - it's simply a stunning showcase of their amazing talents. 

    Anyway, that's enough from me - you can read the full feature by clicking the following link:


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