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  • Rogue x Phat Brew club

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    Rogue x Phat Brew club

    When a brewery opens up right next door to you, the first thing you say is "LET'S BREW A BEER TOGETHER!'' It took a little while for our schedules to line up, but we eventually got there... So we're super stoked to announce this - our collaboration with the absolute legends at PHat Brew Club....


    Easy Rider is a "Baby Red Ipa" ... a sessionable low ABV (3.5%) red ale, brewed with the famed Luminosa Hops - you'll be one of the first in Western Australia to try these hops, as they are ridiculously hard to get hold of!!

    The bright fresh fruits of Luminosa make us feel transported to the sunny white sands of a Caribbean beach, and inspired the name which is Latin for “full of brightness.” Peach-mango lemonade, candied orange peel, boysenberry, papaya and guava can all be found. Unlike most “punchy” hops, Luminosa is almost completely void of the resinous/piney character that usually comes along for the ride—adding to its versatility.

    We had an awesome time in the brewery with Phat's Brew Crew - learning the process, and the science, and how easy it is to f*$k up a brew!! Thankfully, Head Brewer Juddy was in charge, and along with Tony, ensured the end result was absolute perfection.

    We can't wait for you to taste our brew, so we're throwing a special launch party to give you the first opportunity to!

    Purchase your ticket HERE

    Cheers, gang!!

    ♥ Team Rogue


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