MARU-LABS BEP 3.0 SLIM EDITION BMW K75 / K100 / K1100 / K1 - Rogue Motorcycles

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  • 18-0045

    MARU-LABS BEP 3.0 SLIM EDITION BMW K75 / K100 / K1100 / K1

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    The BEP2.0/3.0 had initially been developed for those who were looking to replace the original cockpit (also labeled „Brotbox“ in German-> “Lunch Box”) of their K75, K100, K1000 or K1 bike with a speedo of a third-party manufacturer. And everything done completely stress-free without soldering and tangled wires. No alterations to the wiring harness or modifications of the bike are required. Simply plug in and off you go!, fully universal   interface fits to all connectors ! (round/square)

    BEP 3.0 has universal connector for use with both types of connectors from different version of dashboard 

    - 1983-1987 K 100 (Series I)
    - 1983-1989 K 100 RS
    - 1984-1988 K 100 RT
    - 1986-1991 K 100 LT
    - 1987-1990 K 100 (Series II)
    - 1988-1993 K 1
    - 1990-1992 K 100 RS 4V
    - 1991-1997 K 1100 LT
    - 1992-1996 K 1100 RS
    - 1985-1990 K 75 C
    - 1985-1995 K 75 S
    - 1986-1996 K 75 Basic
    - 1989-1996 K 75 RT  

    - KOMPATIBLE- The BEP2.0/3,0 can be hooked up to all bikes of the K75, K100, K1 and K1100 series, regardless of the type of fuel level indicator installed, whether LT, RT or RS, and regardless of existing ABS. In any event, all displays will be interpreted and provided correctly.

    -EMERGENCY MODE- Even if no third-party manufacturer speedometer is connected, the BEP2.0 accomplishes the full range of essential functions such as closing of the charging circuit generator/battery, turn signal resetting or ensuring a well-functioning starter push-button.

    -PLUG AND PLAY- Simply plug in and off you go! When performing the modification, no soldering bit needs to be touched nor is there a need to sever any cables of the wiring harness. Simply plug in, hop on and off you go!

    -GEAR INDICATOR-    The BEP2.0/3.0 is equipped with one outlet for each gear.This allows realization of individual gear indicators with the help of several LEDs. In the future, I will also offer ready to use gear indicators for purchase.

    and more ... 


    RPM  / revolutions per minute
    high beam
    warning light
    back light check
    Fuel gauge
    engine temperatur
    switch power
    indicator left
    indicator right
    Neutral / gear 0
    gear 5
    gear 4
    gear 3
    gear 2
    gear 1