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  • BMW R18 Cruiser - Exhaust

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    BMW R18 Cruiser - Exhaust
    The recently launched BMW R18 cruiser is an impressive tribute to an era gone by. When the initial concept images were released, the old-world styling created a lot of chatter and excitement in the bike community, with an appropriate amount of love/hate amongst the reception.
    Now they're out on the streets and we can check them out up close and personal, they are a true feat of modern engineering.
    Of course, we think even perfection can be improved on. The stock fishtail style mufflers on the R18 are hands down everyone's least favourite aspect of the bike.
    So, we've been given the opportunity to design and build a replacement exhaust, which is now available for pre-order and will be deliverable end of January 2021.
    Gone are the big, bulky, rather strange looking pipes, and their place a pair of Lossa Engineering Big Mouth Reverse Cones, custom fitments, and replacement stainless covers - all for only $2250. With the big name exhaust manufacturers not expecting to go into production on their R18 pipes for a good 12 months, we expect these to be a big hit amongst owners of the new cruiser.
    Not only does the replacement system look a whole heck better, the growl it produces simply demands respect and gives the big 1800cc boxer a well deserved note.
    Register your interest now!!

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    Johnny Stafford BMW Parts Manager Euro Cycles of Daytona
    Johnny Stafford BMW Parts Manager Euro Cycles of Daytona

    June 25, 2022

    Please contact as I am looking to purchase 25- 30 R1800 exhaust annually.

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