Honda CB1100

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Honda CB1100

White is nice. We gave this CB1100 a good tidy up, removing several kg's worth of stock fenders, lights, and other unnecessary bits. 
The factory shocks were swapped out with a pair of very nice YSS piggy backs in black with red springs, to match the brake calipers we also painted red.
The wheels, engine covers, and a few other components were sent away for powder-coating whilst we put together a tail tidy with LED lighting.
The exhaust was also blacked out, and a GP style can giving her a nice tough note.
Finally, the stock seat was re-upholstered in black leather with a red diamond stitch pattern.
The end result - a very clean and classy machine!


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Keagan Vowels
Keagan Vowels

October 14, 2021

Wow love this bike, I am really interested! I don’t have enough money right now but I would love to know how much this costs and if there are any in stock!

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