Love and Motorcycles

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Love and Motorcycles

We love our motorcycles. We love the thrill of the unexpected, the power in our hands to go easy or go hard. We love to make our machines in our image and show them off with pride to our peers. Similarly, we enjoy the non-judgement that accompanies our drooling admiration of a chariot we don't own - even if it rockets way out of our league.

Fantasy and motorcycles go hand-in-hand.

Oh, the pleasure we can derive just from imagining ourselves riding a beautiful machine. It's a shame love isn't so carefree free right?

But motorcycles and love have surprising similarities. Let's explore some:

Live longer and happier lives

Motorcycling is a pleasure. The thrill of the "twist" as your brain slams into the back of your skull triggers the release of endorphins into your bloodstream. These happy hormones improve our mood, increase pleasure and minimise pain. These effects on your body cause you to be happier and to live longer.

At the same time, people with a loving, lifelong partner has been shown by Harvard Studies to have fewer health problems, and live longer. This fact was also identified as one of the nine keys to longevity in Dan Beuteners Blue Zones study.

The best ones take work.

Any experienced rider knows that a bike will treat you as well as you treat it. The same goes for your love life. Relationships are like motorcycles - they both need regular maintenance. We need to take time to listen and be observant of external as well as internal faults. Issues should be addressed in good time and with certainty that we know how to avoid it or fix it fast the next time.

We love to show off a beautiful motorcycle, but we should take more pride in a relationship that has been forged through rough patches and carried us stronger to the other side.

Choose the right one for you.

Not all of us are suited to a Ducati Diavel 1260. Sure we might enjoy a few rides together. We might even take up conversational Italian to feign a growing devotion. But in the long run, does your mum really want us running around town with an object of desire named after Satan? I think you get my point.

We tend to experiment a bit while we are younger, so in many cases, I advise the inexperienced to make a serious choice once they've had a few test rides and taken some long-distance trips. You're picking up what I'm putting down right?

Keep on riding!

We all know that one guy who has a gorgeous Harley Davidson Sport Glide parked in their dad's garage like a $30k statue, right? (you know who you are!)

Doesn't want to scratch it for the next guy? What's the point of that. Surely 95% of the pleasure of owning a motorcycle is riding it. But then again, each to their own.

So too is the importance of intimate moments with your lover. In a Reddit thread from 2015 one respondent wrote: "Keep the intimacy alive, don't let the romance die! Or sex!!! Otherwise, you slide into housemate territory and away from a couple. That's some pointers that have worked for us." What true words. Avoid sliding in either scenario, I say.

So tell us what you think. What are your comparisons between the devoted love we have for our motorcycles and our partners?

By the way, the photo featured here is of Marc and his beautiful wife. Unlike marriages, Marc is on his 3rd bike from us, this curvy XV1100, a petite yet robust TU250 and a new machine soon to be revealed.

Features Parts:
7" multi-LED Headlight
- 19" Slash Cut Exhaust Muffler
Universal, blank 380mm x 115mm fender

Happy Valentines Day xx

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