Pipeburn features Rogue's NASCAR-Inspired Yamaha XV1100

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Pipeburn features Rogue's NASCAR-Inspired Yamaha XV1100

Words/photo | Jeremy Hammer/RIDEJOURNAL

When a loyal customer rolled up to Billy Kuyken’s workshop with a 1990s YamahaXV1100 and a simple design brief, his imagination went into overdrive of how he could turn this once cruiser into a formidable street tracker.

Billy and his Rogue Motorcycles workshop have become widely known in the Western Australian custom motorcycle scene for their unique street trackers, which explains his excitement and eagerness in essentially having free reign on the project.

“We did some work for the customer previously, and then one day he turned up and said he sold the old bike and bought this – the XV1100,” Billy explained.


“It was in pretty good nick with around 32,000 kilometres on the clock. He showed me some pictures of trackers that he liked, but he wasn’t very specific – I basically had control of the direction of the build and just showed him stuff that I thought would look good along the way.”

To get an initial idea on the build’s aesthetics, Billy played around with a number of tank and seat designs, retro-fitting a selection that he had sitting around in the workshop.

Ultimately, it was decided a Honda CB200 would be the perfect donor, along with an off the shelf seat pan that was later beautifully upholstered by Poli Motor Trimming. 

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