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  • Staff Rides: Ben & his CB1100

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    Staff Rides: Ben & his CB1100

    It's Episode 2 of our "Staff Rides" feature series, and this edition is all about Ben's beloved CB1100!!


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    DGR PERTH Rogue Motorcycles

    Q: What's ya ride?
    A: 2010 Honda CB1100

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Q: How long ya had it?
    A: About 5 or 6 years now. I bought it in Brisbane, and shipped it over with me here to Perth when we moved over a few years ago.

    Q: What've ya done to it?
    A: It's still a work in progress, got a few more things to tidy up. But so far I've swapped out the rear shocks with a set of Gazi's (which  lowered it an inch or so), LED lighting, tail tidy, chopped front fender, braided brake & clutch lines, Daytona speedo/tach, Lossa Engineering big mouth pipe with K&N air filter, and a few other bits and pieces.

    The aftermarket pipe and air filter were giving me some air/fuelling issues, so we've just had a Power Commander installed and the bike dyno'd up at DynoTime (Wangara), so hopefully that makes a big difference! I'm yet to get out and test ride it since then. Weather's looking good for the weekend!

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Q: What makes it special?

    A: It's just a beautiful bike to ride. It's pretty big and heavy, but is so well balanced it's very easy to handle. I've always loved Honda CB's, I'd love a 70's era 750 in my shed one day. My previous bike was an '81 CB900 bol d'Or, which was old, clunky, leaked a lot, but had heaps of character. These 1100's aren't too easy to find, so when this one popped up for sale - and in the factory ruby red - I had to snap it up.

    Q: What inspired the build?
    A: They're a beautiful bike stock as they are, so I didn't want to deviate too far and go too crazy with the mods. I was considering going the cafe racer route, but I hate the riding position, especially for long rides. So I've opted for more of a scrambler style, which'll show through with the other mods I'm planning and a matching dual-purpose tyre on the front.

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Q: What else ya got planned for it?
    A: Clean up the front end by blacking it all out, paint the wheels gold, retrim the seat and throw on some chunkier handlebars.

    Q: Any regrets? Anything you've had troubles with? Anything you'd do differently? 
    A: Mmmm not really, now we've got the fuelling issues sorted... I guess I wish I'd done that sooner!

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Q: What do ya love most about it?
    A: Easy to ride, comfortable long distance, plenty of power to have fun but not so much it's crazy scary... And also the colour.

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Q: What's your next project?
    A: I've been wanting to do a small-bore chopper build, something cheap and ratty and ugly.

    Also I've got 2 young kids at home, so as they get older I'd like to pick up a couple of dirt bikes, one for them one for me, clean them up and trick them out to have some fun on!

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth

    Honda CB1100 Custom Rogue Motorcycles Perth


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