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We have developed this small module together with Andy from E-Worx and Ralf from Pichel Bikes.
Do you have too many indicator lights in your bike what result that the dashboard looks like a christmas tree when all of the indicator lights are activated? Here is the solution:


Minimal Indicator


The minimal indicator is a small microcontroller module and a 3 color led. The controller drives the different colors of the led and and allows to indicate all necessary functions of your bike with just one led. Even 2 or 3 events at the same time can be indicated easily. The small dimensions of the module allows the implementation in the head light or even in the handle bar. With this module you can clean up your dashboard for a much cooler look. You can indicate the following functions with one led:


- Flasher left and right
- High beam
- Neutral
- Oil


Manual (pdf)


Dimensions: 38 mm x 16 mm x 11 mm
Body material: ABS with 2 k epoxy resin potted
Input voltage range: 7 - 18 Volt
Connections: 0,14 mm², 20 cm
Maximum ambience temperature:    80 degree Celsius