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1 "Single Cable Whiskey Throttle Black." For a 1 "steering wheel. 

Overview: The throttle valve on the Biltwell Whiskey is designed for use on custom motorcycles and is built with a die-cast aluminum clamshell assembly and a CNC-milled aluminum handle tube. These precision components give the well-adjusted Biltwell Whiskey throttle its distinctive snap and let builders use a wide range of comfortable rubber grips. Each includes throttle body, gas pipe and 1 set of 4 cable ferrules. These polished steel ferrules fit in a screw thread or in a click housing and end up on Harley cables, or you can use them for custom cable assemblies. 

- Throttle body is made of cast aluminum 
- Throttle with serrated alloy for rubber handles from aftermarket 
- Cable sleeves in the Harley cable housings with a suitable thread or click-in style - Black or polished finish