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The BMW R80/90/100 Twin Shock is a bike with a huge potential for a cool Cafe Racer and/or Brat bike. Therefore we come up with a new and unique subframe. Plug and Play! Even for out seats!

Note: This one is NOT Powder Coated. 

This subframe is made of laser cut pieces of steel and therefore always the same and strudy as....  
The quality is really good and it will bolt-on in a minute!

Does fit many of our seats

Prod Number Mono / Twin Type Info Year
21-0013 Monoshock R65  RT mono 85-88
    R65  mono 85-93
    R80 mono 84-85
    R80 R 91-94
    R80 ST 82-84
    R100 RS mono 86-89
    R100 RT mono 87-94
21-0010 Twin shock R80 T 81
    R80 RT 81-84
    R90 S 73-76
    R100   80-84
    R100 RS 76-85
    R100 RT 78-93
    R100 S 76-80
    R100 T 78-80
---- Mono 2.0 R65 GS 87
    R80 GS 80-94
    R100 GS 87-96
    R100 R 91-94
    R100 RS 90-93

The BMW R80 frames are made of steel and already have a fender/rear light mount on the as well. You can paint or powercoat them in the color you want. Or we can get it power coat if you would like for a added cost. please email us to find out the cost for power coating :).


This is a special order item and might take up to 3 weeks before this can be sent out. Please contact us for availability