BMW R18 custom exhaust


Made in house for the new BMW R18

Stainless steel slip on mufflers for a bit more growl 

These mufflers slip straight onto your R18, and Cone with some new heath shields to replace to standard covers.

Available in short 13" mufflers and in 19" mufflers

Available in polished, brushed or ceramic black

We are taking pre-orders atm, as our first batch has run out very fast.

ETA for the brushed finish start-mid August '21

ETA for the black finish mid August '21

ETA for the polished finish mid-late August '21

 (Pic 1, 2 and 3 are the short mufflers in a brushed finish. Pic 4 is the long version in a polished finish. Video of the muffler is the 19" polished silencer before welding on the slip on piece and brackets)