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    Contrast Cut Headlight Brackets

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    Contrast Cut Headlight Brackets

    These high quality contrast-cut headlight brackets are made from machined T6061 aluminium and have adjustable arms, which allow for different width headlights.

    Each fork clamp comes in 2 separate pieces, allowing them to clamp onto the forks down without having to remove them from their yokes.
    They're specifically designed for those of you who have a shallow headlight that you specifically want to sit as close to the headstock as possible.
    As a result, they're ideal for all cafe racers, streetfighters, project bikes and so on...


    T6061 CNC machined aluminium
    2-piece fork clamps
    stainless steel Allen bolts
    Finish: black anodised with polished inserts

    The brackets are available in multiple sizes;

    32mm-33mm, 34mm-35mm, 36mm-37mm, 38mm-39mm, 40mm-41mm, 42mm-43mm, 44mm-45mm, 46mm-47mm, 48mm-49mm, 50mm-51mm, 52mm-53mm, 54mm-55mm, 56mm-57mm, 58mm-59mm.


    Please let us know the size you need to fit your ride