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  • TitWrap1525

    High Performance Titanium Exhaust Wrapping Tape 15M x 25mm

    • Length : 15M x 25mm
    • Material : Fibreglass
    • Up to 1400 'C
    • 6 Stainless Steel Ties
    • Upgrade the performance of your ride and retain the heat whilst adding some 'coolness'

    Please pick the colour that you would like :D
    Using good quality exhaust wrap can increase the performance of your engine.
    Whether you are a racing specialist or simply an aficionado, our exhaust wrap can be useful to you. You will find out how an exhaust wrap works and how it helps you increase the performance of your motorcycle engine.

      What the exhaust wrap really does is prevent your exhaust tubes to cool down. Therefore an exaust system equiped with the right set of wrap will keep the exhaust gases of your engine at a high temperature. Maintaining the exhaust gases at higher temperatures increases performance on several levels

      When traveling at a higher speed in your wrapped exhaust system, the gases will increase the scavenging effect and improve the performance of the intake and exhaust systems as a whole. The exhaust gases are therefore removed faster from your motorcycle exhaust system when hot.

      Exhaust wrap also improves the performance of the engine in general. Once again, the hot exhaust gases will be expulsed more quickly, leaving room for purer air in the combustion chamber. This will increase the quality of the air-fuel mixture and then improving the engine's performance.