"Hooligun" Custom Suzuki DRZ400 Street Tracker


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The Hooligun started life as a stock Suzuki DRZ400E.  The bike started life as a dirt bike and the aim was ; to challenge the interpretation of a street tracker......

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The Hooligun started life as a stock Suzuki DRZ400E. 

The bike started life as a dirt bike and the aim was ; to challenge the interpretation of a street tracker and to create a futuristic minimalistic look, but also give it plenty of attitude.

I needed to be light, yet powerful with a large chunky front end, to compliment the fat tyres.

The water cooled engine contributes to the futuristic look I was going for.

Like a lot of the custom parts that we create, we started sketching up designs for the subframe. We needed to get the lines and proportions just right.

The fuel tank came off an SR400, which was mocked-up to finalise the design of the aluminium subframe. 

The edges on the subframe were routered which gives it a raw, smooth machined look.

To support the subframe,  we used a pair of marine grade stainless steel turnbuckles.

Once the subframe was finished, we concentrated on the TruFlex taillight. A good fit but it needed something extra to make it more minimalistic.  

The taillight was filled in with resin and flushed back, a flawless execution of this technique and a perfect look for the tail. It reminded us instantly of Robocop.

The carbon fender and a carbon wrapped set of fat bars was installed.

With LED’s at the rear, we positioned a couple of LED bars in front of the handlebars. To keep everything as compact as possible the housings of the 3 units got machined down and some ingenious brackets were designed and cut out of stainless steel to keep them in place.

The number board / face plate was lasercut and machined in the same way we did with the subframe.

The front end was lowered and stiffed up to be responsive on the road and the rear shock got exchanged for a shock off a Kawasaki ZX7.

The fork brace / fender mount is a one off and designed to keep the front end as clean as possible.

The original radiators were replaced by an aluminium CR 250 unit that sits behind a custom grill.

With some more sketching and 3D modelling we designed the aluminium chainguard, stainless sprocket cover and foot pegs.

Stainless valves were used for the sidestand. 

The tank was treated with brushed stainless steel inlays and a new weld-in fuel cap + a bung was put in place. It was painted gun metal grey.

The stock wheels got replaced with a set of 17” Excels and were painted gunmetal grey with black spokes and a brushed lip.

We decided on Shinko white walls, 130 on the front and 160 at the rear.

The stock hand controls are replaced with tiny stainless steel push buttons on the handlebars and fuel tank and the wiring runs internally, again to keep it minimal.

The stainless steel exhaust we made, needed to be simple and the LE muffler adds a great finish to the system.

The aftermarket parts, like the brake / clutch levers and the expansion reservoir were selected to match the machined look of the bike.

A Motogadget Miniscope just finishes it off.

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