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  • 152-735

    KELLERMANN Variable Mount

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    Variable Mount for Atto, Micro S, Rhombus S

    This adaptor offers a clean and easy solution for various mounting options and thus replaces an otherwise complex custom-made construction.

    It consists of two parts: A clamping sheet and a shank nut with an M6 internal thread. The clamping sheet, which can be shifted and rotated on the shank nut, is compatible with any M5 threaded lamp (Atto®, micro S, Rhombus S) at every angle.

    Due to the variances of this mounting the lamp can be installed in perfect alignment with the direction of traffic and is locked in place with grub screws. For example underneath the instruments  (see pictures attached).

    Simply replace the shaft nut of the brake or clutch lever by this shank nut.

    As on the pictures attached, the clamping sheet can also be installed together with the handlebar mirror.