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  • 31-0119


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    The m-Flash is by far the most compact load independent flasher relay on the market.
    Nothing comes close in size and simplicity! The m-Flash flasher unit substitutes all conventional flasher relays.

    Casing (L x W x H): 18 mm x 13 mm x 9.5 mm 
    Connector cable length: approx. 2 x 50 mm
    Weight: approx. 4 g 

    Attention: If you are looking for a flasher relay with automatic deactivation please refer to our m-Stop series! 

    a) The m-Flash substitutes a conventional flasher relay. This flasher relay usually is implemented BEFORE the indicator switch.
    The most convenient way to mount the m-Flash is to simply search and replace the original relay.

    b) The m-Flash can NOT replace the push-button controls of a push-button instrument. Please refer to our m-Relay+ if you are looking for a flasher relay for push-buttons.

    c) Newer Harley-Davidson model series use a special module to control the flasher controls (TSM/TSSM). These modules can NOT be replaced or complemented by the m-Flash.

    All advantages summarized

    ultra compact and light - in essence just a piece of cable attached to a tiny, candy-sized device 
    ideal for custom bikes and mods with little mounting space - bulky conventional relays or load resistors are a thing of the past
    the wiring can be placed into the handle bar or frame tubes or into the wiring harness
    almost load independent (min. 1 Watt)
    completely implemented using digital semiconductor technology. microprocessor controlled No mechanical workings, no spools, no electric contacts
    consistently constant and correct flasher frequency and suited for almost all LED turn signal lights, all micro and halogen turn signal lights as well as all 10-watts and 21-watts turn signal lights
    e. g. works with 4 turn signal lights or 2 handle bar end turn signal lights
    immediate loss free and brighter illumination of all turn signal lights
    utterly hassle-free connection using only two cables - just connect in series
    completely water tight and vibration resistant because of the moulded-in construction
    short circuit proof, automatic overload protection, switches power up to 100 W.
    no heat generation while operating
    only 5 - 18 V operating voltage required
    also applicable for 6 V turn signal lights
    quality 'made in Germany' - by motogadget