Pinto Shanks

Shanks Gloves

Shanks start out as high quality cow hide gloves. At the MotoStuka studio in Texas US, they undergo the "treatment". "Shanked" and finished out with waxed thread, they're then conditioned with a balm made of locally sourced natural materials. This age-old recipe waterproofs the leather and gives it a distressed rich copper finish. The process is dynamic and unpredictable so every glove is unique in color and feel, but ALL get more beautiful with every mile!

Shanks are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Size Chart 

Size in US Around Palm (width) From finger to base (wrist)
M 20 cm (8") 17 cm (7")
L 23 cm (9")  20 cm (8")
XL  26 cm (10")  23 cm (9") 
XXL 29 cm (11") 26 cm (10")


100% hand made in the US