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    The Renegade Grips from Biltwell are made of Krayton synthetic rubber and are similar to their Thruster grips, though with a larger diameter flange. Diamond pattern knurling and a football shape lends it well to a firm, comfortable grip. They are available in 1" and 7/8" and sold per pair.   



    Motorcycle grips have two different inside diameters. The grip for the left side of the handlebar has a smaller diameter, and the right side grip has a larger inside diameter to fit over your throttle tube. Grips are manufactured to have a tight fit, you don't want one sliding off while taking a corner or twisting the throttle!
    We recommend using WD-40 to help get them into place and suggest letting them dry overnight.

    Alternatively, you can use compressed air as seen in the Basic Motorcycle Grip Info & Install video ;

    Note: Using Biltwell rubber grips on H-Ds will often require that your motorcycle is equipped with an aftermarket throttle tube (the Biltwell Whiskey throttle tube, for instance). The grips do not have a built in plastic throttle tube, they are meant to slide over a higher-quality aluminum tube.

    Please note there is a lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks if we do not have the style in stock.