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Yamaha XVS 650 Vstar GPS speedo

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Finally there’s speedometer upgrade for the XVS 650

This GPS speedometer is great to sort your speed out when running a bigger 21” or 23” wheel.

Easy to install and pre-wired for very straight forward fitment. All bullet terminals have been pre wired and crimped for easy installation. Just follow the instructions that come with our kit and this will be installed in 25-30min. (Please contact us if you have questions or trouble installing the speedo and we’ll happily guide you through the process)

Speedometer interface shows speed (in km/h or miles/h), left indicator, right indicator, hi beam, trip meter, ODO meter, multi colour back lighting (red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, purple) (neutral light supplied separately)

2 holes need to be drilled in the housing to hold the menu button and the neutral light.

Kit includes:

  • GPS speedo with multi colour back lighting (choice of backlighting can be selected with the push button)
  • Stainless mounting bracket, powder coated black
  • signal receiver (GPS)
  • push button to change settings and trip meter
  • green LED neutral light 
  • all needed wiring and terminals pre wired 
  • wiring diagram (not pictured) and instructions 

This kit doesn’t included the housing in the pictures, this is the OEM housing that is unusually chrome, and this was painted black and the holes were drilled to hold the button and neutral light.